You have to run Power shell Management Shell as Administrator.

1) $reports = Get-AXReport -ReportName *

This power shell scripts helps to get the list of Dynamics Ax 2012 SSRS reports available for deployment.

2) We can also filter the list of report . Dynamics Ax 2012 provide the only two filter options Report Name and changed date. You can use following statement.

$Reports | Select-object Name, ChangedDate

For example if we want all reports similar to ABC classification we can filter something like this

$Reports | Select-object Name, ChangedDate | where { $_.Name -like “ABC*” }

3) If we want to deploy a single requierd report we have to use following statement.

Publish-AxReport -Id SSRSConfigId -ReportName CustTransList

SSRSConfigID will be the machine name.

4) If we have to deploy all reports then we can use following statement.

Publish-AXReport –Id SSRSConfigID –ReportName *

5) Above statement also works if we did not use SSRSConfigID.

Publish-AXReport –ReportName *