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If you are running multiple instances of AX on a single environment, you have more than likely gone through the instructions as per this URL http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh389760.aspx.

One of the steps identified in this URL talks about publishing reports using the following AX Powershell command: publish-axreports.

What isn’t perhaps obvious from the examples shown on the Deploy reports to the new Reporting Services Instance [AX 2012] page is – How do I publish reports for a specific AOS instance? (The examples shown is for the default instance)


When you look at the full syntax of the Publish-AxReports powershell command:


You will notice two optional parameters that are of interest, namely:

  • ServicesAOSName
  • ServicesAOSWSDLPort


These two parameters are used to “tell” the Publish-AXReports powershell command, which AOS to connect to when publishing reports.

The syntax used for these two parameters are as follow:

  • ServicesAOSName

    This parameter contains the name…

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