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Hi All,

suppose we have only cost center with us and we want to find out the various items attached to it. We can find it out in a very simple way. 

Thanks to @Sunil Behara and @Kavita Choure who helped me find out the table for it.

The table where all cost centers are present is the view named “DimAttributeOMCostCenter”

View : DimAttributeOMCostCenter

Field : Value

and the default dimension present in the invent table is also present in other table with the combination of various dimension in the table “DimensionAttributeValueSetItem”

Table : DimensionAttributeValueSetItem

field : DisplayValue

field : DimensionAttributeValueSet

Now the relation is as follows : 

DimAttributeOMCostCenter.Value == DimensionAttributeValueSetItem.DisplayValue

&& Inventtable.defaultDimension == DimensionAttributeValueSetItem.DimensionAttributeValueSet